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DT Week - October 2019


This term, Sellincourt Primary’s curriculum weeks were back with a vengeance!

 Across the school, from Early Years right through to Year 6, the children spent the week completing a variety of Design and Technology (DT) projects. This gave all the children across the school the opportunity to be fully immersed in DT and use a variety of skills.

Early Years children spent the week investigating different textures. They thought about the uses of a variety of textiles and used their own experiences to inform choices. They worked hard together to produce a beautiful “learning tree” for the whole class with different textile structures.  

 Years 1 and 2 were asked to design and make fridge magnet aliens. They used various materials to create their finish products such as PVA glue, corrugated card, magnets and poster paint. Some children used a template whilst others challenged themselves to make their magnets from scratch. 

Year 3 had the exciting task of creating their own musical instruments. They spent the week exploring different types of musical instruments and the sounds they make. They finished off the week by designing and making their own. They then had a jam session and performed to the parents. 

Year 4 were tasked with designing and making their own jam tarts. They started off the week with tasting traditional jam tarts and then had a go at baking their own. They interviewed teachers to see what kind of jam tarts everyone preferred. The week finished off with them baking their own tasty tarts. Everyone was on task, collaborating in groups and working hard - well done! 

Years 5 and 6 had the challenging task of designing and making strong, free-standing animals with moving parts. The children experimented with different design and art techniques. At the end of the week, each child made a model animal with a moving mouth and the classes put on a parade of animals with “action mouths”. 

Finally, all the children invited parents into class to see the projects they had completed that week. Another great outcome for every child at Sellincourt Primary School.