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PSHE Jigsaw

Mindful Monday Calm Me Time

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At Sellincourt Primary School, we use the Jigsaw scheme of learning to teach PSHE, which is taught across all year groups from nursey up to year six. There are six main themes in the scheme of learning, a theme is taught every half term. The six themes are Being Me, Celebrating Differences, Dreams and Goals, Healthy Me, Relationships and Changing Me.  At the beginning of each half term, the PSHE lead teacher introduces the new theme to the school in a whole school assembly. This ensures that all children in the school know that they are working collaboratively in PSHE with the other students in the school on the same theme. This gives the children opportunities to work collaboratively with other children in their class and across year groups.  Once the new theme has been introduced, the class teacher then teaches six PSHE lessons a half term linked to the main theme. This approach allows the children to learn in a progressive way, deepening their knowledge of each theme as they progress through the school. Children are able to learn the objectives linked to the themes in each year group at an age appropriate level. At the end of each theme, there is a whole school celebration. Children in all year group will be working on a project to contribute to the end of theme celebration.

The jigsaw scheme is current and up to date with the national curriculum and the resources show real-life depictions of our society and the world we live in today.  For example, when children are learning about themselves and their families, all different types of people and families are shown as representations.  This means that the children are learning about the world around them and can relate more to the resources as they are modern.

Every child at Sellincourt Primary School is taught PSHE weekly. Most teachers teach PSHE on a Monday, at the heart of these lessons are circle times and calm me time. Creating an opportunity for the children, to share ideas with others in the group in a relaxed and calm environment.  These circle times and calm me times are fundamental in building authentic communication. As the weeks go by, the children’s trust and respect for each other deepens and they share more about themselves. The more they connect with each other and sympathise, the more they are willing to work cooperatively and build learning groups that are effective across the curriculum. This encourages children to respect each other’s views, feelings and opinions.

PSHE Jigsaw Information for Parents

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Teacher Feedback

 Jigsaw is a brilliant programme. The 'Calm Time' at the beginning of each lesson really helps to relax and focus the children. One of my children has started using the breathing technique independently when he gets frustrated and it has really helped him to calm down.

Miss Troy

Our jigsaw lessons are an opportunity to really engage with the children within our class.  There has not been a single lesson when I haven't learned something about them, or them about me. In jigsaw lessons we engage with some really big topics.  Year 5 have never ceased to amaze me with their willingness to discuss issues that really matter: inequality, their hopes for the future, social media and body image.  Jigsaw really inspires them to respond to issues and to each other with thoughtfulness, compassion and maturity.

 Mrs Temple

Jigsaw has changed my teaching of and children's responses to PSHE dramatically.  It has raised confidence in both children and teachers and discusses incredibly important topics that will support children throughout primary school and beyond.  The best thing about it has been that it offers a safe space for children to discuss any concerns and worries and the children have become more confident and comfortable with this over time.  PSHE is looked forward to by all members of my class.

Miss Elvin

I believe that Jigsaw is a superb scheme and supports every child in developing their individuality, wellbeing and confidence. My class absolutely love the lessons as they create an open environment for everyone to share their feelings and be honest with themselves. We all enjoy calm me time very much because it gives us a chance to ‘stop and listen’ which is a difficult thing to do when living in the heart of hustling bustling London! My class and I look forward to the Jigsaw songs and listening to the stories with the characters who take us on exciting journeys of learning! 

Miss Makhecha

Pupil Feedback

 Year 6

  • I like it because we get to share our thoughts. If we feel like we don’t want to we can pass. Calm me time helps us to be sensible when we are talking about serious things. Lots of children in our class learn a lot about bullying that they didn’t even know.
  • I am a better friend because we learn to turn the bad into the good. I understand more about the world.
  • I like sitting in a circle because we can see each other and listen to each other’s ideas. Learn about things that are not good like inequality and what they should be.

 Year 5

  • I think it is a way to help children know how to face uncaring people.
  • We learn how to protect ourselves if we are bullied.
  • We learn what is hurtful to other people like bullying.
  • I like the calm me time because we can relax. There is not much time to relax in school so it’s nice to relax.
  • It is really good. The songs are joyful and the songs are linked to what jigsaw is all about.
  • When you are playing the games you don’t even realise you are learning something.
  • If my friends are sad I know how to cheer them up now.

 Year 4

  • When the chime goes we start breathing . I like it. I see a change in the classroom, children aren’t silly anymore.
  • I like it. I like the calming time so I can relax. I like the games because they are fun.
  • There’s no point to bullying you will always be found out. Those children that are bullied have friends and family they can tell.
  • Before jigsaw more children got sent out.
  • Makes people feel that they don’t have to worry about things at lunch time and at home.

Jigsaw Parent Leaflets

LGBT Leaflet for Parents