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School Council

Our School Council is made up of a series of specialist groups of pupils working alongside a specialist teacher or teachers who lead that area of the curriculum across the school.

Hearing our pupil’s voice is important to us and utilizing all the children’s wonderful ideas, suggestions and feedback cannot be wasted. 

Rosena Khan our local MP spoke to us all in assembly to help launch our school council. She discussed our system of government in the UK and was a real inspiration to us all as she shared her personal motivation behind her journey into government.

Our current specialist groups are: 

Heath & Wellbeing

Digital Leaders

Theme Team

Maths Masters

Literacy Leaders

Young Interpreters

Right Respecting  






Here is the annual timeline of implementation:  


Phase Assembly to each phase – to introduce the groups to the children

  •  What are the groups?
  •  Who leads the groups?
  •  What are the jobs of the people in the groups?
  • How to write your application form and what you want to offer the school – how will you make the children’s voices heard?
  • What is voting? Why do we vote? How do we vote? 

In class lessons about democracy – children write and read their manifestos.


  • What would you improve… at Sellincourt Primary school and how? 

Whole school assembly to launch election week (Monday)


Each year group vote for their representative – 1 per year group (Y1-6) 6 children per group 30 children across the school.


Announced in Friday assembly celebration – badges given out.

Groups need to meet with one of their group adults.


Discuss what the group is; what it means to be part of the group and the code of conduct the group must follow.


Create and carry out a group survey.


Using the findings of the group survey, the group create an action plan based on findings.


Complete the action plan template ready to be displayed on website and at school.


Share this information with their year groups.

Here is a list of the foci for each group:

Working Party Possible areas to think about Links

Health & Wellbeing

  • Mental health
  • Physical health (P.E/Swimming)
  • Playground
  • Bullying
  • Lunch/healthy eating
  • Behaviour
  • Community
Action Plan

Digital Leaders

  •  E-safety
  •  Cyber bullying
  •  Social media
  • Teaching and learning
  • Community
Theme Team
  •  Pupil voice on theme
  • - Pupil voice on art
  • - Pupil voice on music
  • - Resources
  • - Trips
  • - Knowledge organisers
  • - Teaching and learning
  • - Marking and feedback
Launch and celebrations
Maths Mastery
  • Pupil voice on maths
  • Resources
  • Teaching and learning
  • Marking and feedback
Action Plan

Literacy Leaders

  • Pupil voice on reading
  • Pupil voice on writing
  • Resources
  • Library
  • Teaching and learning
  • Marking and feedback
Young Interpreters
  • EAL representation across the school
  • Support offered to children joining our school mid-year
  • Curriculum access and representation
  • Access to communication
Rights Respecting
  • Review of how UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is implemented and represented throughout Sellincourt Primary School
  • How can this be improved?
  • What actions need to be taken?
  • Pupil voice on the theme